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Math Formulas

Education - Tutoring

I can help with Math, Physics, Mechanics(school and university level) and Computer skills (from basic (for example for children, seniors and advanced (for children students/adults))). I prepare devices for sale (cleaning devices from data). I offer help in virtual shopping(Amazon, Aliexpress, Alibaba, eBay, Noracora etc.),(machines - lifts, industrial robots, devices, clothes) I can help in projects to school or university (Python, SQL, Data Visualization Tools - PowerBI, Tableau, Matlab, Scilab, Mathcad, and CAD/CAM). I can help to connect devices (TV, Printer, Computer, Security Camera). I offer transport(to the casino(f. example: Niagara, Ajax etc, to the doctor, for shopping, for sightseeing, to the airport),).

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